FOSS Nepal Community Meeting: 2073/2016

The freedom fighters in the field of Information Technology in Nepal, FOSS Nepal, recently completed their annual meeting for the year 2016. The meeting started at about 4:30 PM in the evening on 28th May, 2016, at the Outlines Research and Development, Chakupat, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal. There was the presence of about 16 volunteers along with some of the founding members of FOSS Nepal. The meeting was broadcasted live through HANGOUTS and virtually[Online] attended by about 10 volunteers. The meeting was started with sound number of volunteers leading to a sound discussion about the major agendas of the meeting.
As mentioned in the wiki, the major agendas for the meeting were:

1. Discussion about SFD2016, and selecting new event organizing committee.
2. Involving new faces in community activities.
3. Roles and responsibilities of future community leaders.
4. Starting next season of FOSSNP weekly and FOSS KA KURA.

The meeting was physically attended by the volunteers listed below:
Nikesh Balami (Acme/OKN/FOSS)
Sujit Maharjan (IOE)
Hempal Shrestha (FOSS)
Sagar Ghimire (Acme/FOSS)
Sandeep Neupane (KUOSC)
Rishi Raj Gautam (KUOSC)
Utsab Sapkota (KUOSC)
Arjun Gautam (ASCOL/FOSS)
Amit Shrestha (NIST/FOSS)
Pawan Karki (ASCOL)
Nootan Ghimire (Mozilla Nepal)
Avash Mulmi (Mozilla Nepal)
Surit Aryal (Mozilla Nepal)
Basanta Shrestha (FOSS/Libresoft)
Sagun Dhakhua (FOSS/Outlines)
Robin Angbuhang (Individual)

Also, the views of the volunteers listed below were also much important during the meeting.

Online Participants:
Subir Pradhanga (FOSS)
Sagar Chhetri (FOSS/Chitwanix)
Arun Kumar Pyasi (FOSS Chitwan / Chitwanix)
Niraj Bista (FOSS Chitwan)
Sushil Ale Magar (Pokhara)

The points of discussion in the meeting were:
-Long term and sustainable engagement of professional members.
-Motivating Colleges administration alongside students.
-Productive FOSS KA KURA and spreading right messages.
-Reducing gaps between old and new members.
-Working in the renewal of an community.
-Collaborating with company who supports the philosophy of openness.
-Increasing projects and events.
-Collecting data of our technical expertise.
-Increasing engagements with colleges and open communities.
-Contact person of an community for all kinds of activities.
-Searching funds to remove financial problem of an community.

After taking suggestion and inputs from both physical and virtual participants of the meeting, here are the list of some conclusion to make community and community activities more flexible and impactful.

1) Increasing engagement with students and College communities – By developing training curriculum and through FOSS KA KURA, A separate team will be working on it and the members of that team will include interested people from Open Call and College Community lead or representation. A private organization will help the team to search suitable presenter for those training.
2) Community Projects and Events – Motivating community members to do more sustainable projects and paid training to improve and support community financial condition.
3) Contact Person of Community – Active and Future Leader of community will now work as an contact person for the community, A certain team will be formed soon.
4) Open Communities and Technical Expertise Information – A team consisting the representation of others open communities will be formed so, that we can increase collaboration in others events and the expertise of each others community can be exchanged. FOSS Nepal Datasheet which consists those information will be updated in the coming days.
5) Software Freedom Day 2016 – Open Call lead by Nikesh and Arjun will work in the preparation of coming SFD2016.


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