Install QBASIC in Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint/etc.

So, are you one of the beginner programmer who turned to Linux? You must have learned Qbasic in your school days and may still want to code it on Linux too. Then, let’s start the installation on Linux.

First let’s make a list of softwares we are going to need.

We’ll be instaling DosBox first. Then, QBASIC is going to run on DosBox.

Open the terminal and start:

Code: sudo apt-get install dosbox


After that, you’ll have to download the QBASIC’s required files fromĀ here and place it into any directory that is easily reachable from terminal. Now,

Open DosBox from terminal.

Code: dosbox

In the DosBox window, write the following codes;

mount c /path/to/qbasic/folder/

Screenshot from 2016-06-14 09-41-53

That’s it, you can now see the QBASIC IDE. Happy Coding!