Mozilla @ NIST NSS, Lainchaur


Venue: National School Of Sciences, Lainchaur
Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM
Co-ordinator: Amit Shrestha
Speakers: (In order of turns) Nootan Ghimire, Surit Aryal, Roshan Gautam

The program kicked off by a short introductory speech about Open Source, Mozilla Nepal, FOSS Nepal and the contents in the program by Amit Shrestha and gave a formal start to the program.


The program was then continued by Nootan Ghimire, one of the Mozilla Representative and Volunteer, with a question, “How many of you have Firefox installed?” and “How may of you here are using firefox as primary browser?”. Although most of the hands raised up for the first one but only few for the second one. Then he started talking about Mozilla and also about the activities going to be done. He talked about how they could get involved and contribute to Mozilla. He also introduced them to Mozilla Developers Network.
Then, he handed the program to Surit Aryal, one of the Mozilla Representative and Volunteer. He presented SWOT (Strenght, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat) of Mozilla which he stated that it would me much useful for the students as they belonged to Management faculty. He briefly described about the SWOT which were much interesting for the students. He also talked about the advantages of using Firefox browser over the existing different browsers. He described in detail about Open Source, FOSS(Free and Open Source Softwares), Mozilla and its products.

After Surit Aryal, the program was continued by Roshan Gautam, one of the Regional Ambassador Lead. He introduced the students to Webmaker(Thimble) with live demonstration. He talked about what Thimble is and how they could be facilitated by it.

The program was ended by browsing up some Mozilla sites like Thimble(Also discussed about it for a while), Mozilla Developers Network(MDN) and the localised Mozilla Firefox in Nepali. The program went well as all the student were listening carefully throught out the event.



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