Some Talkies at Daisy High School.

Organizing a tech event at my school, Daisy High School, was a dream since I got a start in open communities like FOSS Nepal, Mozilla Nepal and so on. I had approached many times to conduct an IT Seminar on open source technologies at Daisy in collaboration with FOSS Nepal and Mozilla Nepal. I wanted to make the students specially from grade VIII-X aware about the open source technologies along with other technologies which are getting popular day by day. Finally, I got a chance to share my knowledge with the students of grade IX for about 45 minutes. All thanks to respected Amit Ramdam Sir for giving me his valuable 45 minutes. Though the event wasn’t pre-planned, but it went good to some extent as the children seemed to be enjoying the talk and were having good interactions with me.


I tried to cover up all the technologies that they would be profited by. My motive was to let them know about such minor technologies at their young age so that they wouldnot be messed up learning about such technologies later while they could go for learning more advanced technologies.

I priorly introduced them with the open source technologies and how we can use them, contribute and get benefited from them. Some of the topics I talked were:

  1. FOSS Nepal
  2. Mozilla Nepal
  3. Linux Kernel and Linux Distributions
  4. Thimble by Mozilla
  5. Chitwanix OS
  6. Introduction to Github



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